LaGardo Tackett
LaGardo Tackett: His Life and Work


b. 1986, HK.

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“Pure vitality cannot be expressed in pottery forms, however pure plastics can be approached and universals partially perceived by making the vessels as neutral as possible.”

— LaGardo Tackett

LaGardo Tackett: His Life and Work
By F. Peter Swanson, M.D. with photography and design by Robert Gregson

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The 7" x 7" hardcover format is 156 pages.

The life and the work of LaGardo Tackett has been compiled by F. Peter Swanson, a physician who has collected Tackett's work for over 35 years. With input from Tackett's daughter Lyn, as well as neighbors and friends, Peter has written an in-depth story about Tackett along with his wife and partner Virginia. Beginning with his roots in Kentucky to his work in California and Japan leading to his last years in Connecticut, this is the only complete record of this unsung designer.